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Discover selection of Uponor white papers and get information on the best practices, expert advice and analysis around the construction challenges and opportunities for the industry. Take advantage of exclusive content related to hygiene, heating and cooling, trends, regulations, costs analysis and Uponor and third party experts’ specialized knowledge. 
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Newest release: Global Cost study for different HVAC solutions in hotels

Comparative assessment of radiant heating and cooling solutions vs fan coil units.

  • Global Cost savings of up to 59% after 15 years with Uponor radiant heating and cooling solutions
  • Up to 42% reduction in CO2 compared to conventional fan coil units
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Uponor Hygiene whitepaper – summary Summary of analysis of the Uponor Hygiene Logic in comparison to traditional installation
PDF 3.83MB


Uponor Hygiene whitepaper Water Hygiene Expert, Arnd Bürschgens analyses the Uponor Hygiene Logic in comparison to traditional installation.
PDF 483.13kB


Heat supply and distribution whitepaper The present work compares different systems for multi-family houses by means of its primary energy demand, energy efficiency and economic aspects.
PDF 311.37kB