Trainstation, Bad Salzungen

Next stop: comfort

The municipal housing company GEWOG and the city of Bad Salzungen are redesigning the entire train station area in the spa town. The site includes a historic train station building. After the renovation, a social center will move into the first floor, and 13 apartments will be built on the upper floors and in the attic. To ensure that the future tenants are as comfortable as possible, the choice fell on decentralized apartment stations from KaMo and a combination of different systems for surface heating and cooling from Uponor.

Dati di progetto:

  • Bad Salzungen, Germania
  • Palazzina residenziale
  • Completamento lavori: 2020

Contributo Uponor

  • 13 Home stations
  • 7 drinking water stations
  • 650 sqm Uponor Klett | 800 sqm Uponor Contec ON | 200 sqm Uponor Renovis

Reconstruction and redevelopment of the station area

Decentralised flat stations The decentralised heat distribution in each flat is handled by a flat combination station with a 3-pipe module. The advantage is that the drinking water is heated promptly and according to demand. The temperatures - and thus also the operating costs - are lower than with central systems. Because there are less than three litres of water in the hot water pipes, there is no obligation to test for legionella. More distant taps in seven flats are each supplied by an Aqua Port Compact Base drinking water station. Surface heating and cooling Depending on the room height, use and type of construction, different systems are used for surface heating and cooling on the individual floors. For the social centre on the ground floor with its four-metre high rooms, the Uponor Klett underfloor heating system was ideal. For the upper floors with solid concrete ceilings, the specialist planners planned a near-surface component activation with the Uponor Contec ON system. The dry construction system Uponor Renovis is ideal for the wooden ceilings in the attic. Consultants from KaMo and Uponor were on hand to assist the planners, right through to special designs specifically for this building project. "With the systems from Uponor and KaMo, we were able to optimise three factors at once: living comfort, drinking water hygiene and energy costs," specialist planner Harald Kirchner.

Informazioni sul progetto

36433 Bad Salzungen


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Tipo di progetto

Palazzina residenziale

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Uponor Contec ON Q&E
Uponor Renovis
Uponor Klett


GEWOG GmbH Bad Salzungen

S&P Sahlmann Planungsgesellschaft für Bauwesen mbH Leipzig

Ingenieurbüro Kirchner (IBK Haustechnik) Bad Salzungen


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