"Beržų Terasos" (Birch Terraces), Vilnius

"Beržų Terasos" (Birch Terraces)

Nature surrounded multi storey apartment buildings in Vilnius Antakalnis district.

Real estate developer MG Valda is implementing a multi-storey residential project "Antakalnio Terasos" (Antakalnis terraces) in Antakalnis district of the capital city, which consists of 3 stages, namely: "Eglių Terasos" (Spruce Terraces)s (completed in 2012), "Beržų Terasos" (Birch Terraces) (2014), and "Pušų Terasos" (Pine Terraces)  (planned  completion – 2015).

The "Beržų Terasos" surrounded by nature is the second residential complex of the project under development. In this stage, special attention is focused on thermal insulation and energy efficiency of engineering systems of the buildings.

Dati di progetto:

  • Vilnius, Lituania
  • Palazzina residenziale
  • Completamento lavori: 2014

Contributo Uponor

  • Uponor Comfort Pipe Plus (20x2.2) 59 km; Uponor Comfort Pipe 2,5 km; Uponor Q&E manifolds (1;3;4;6 loops) - 211 pcs.; Uponor Wired 24V 6/12 channel controllers C-33/C-35 - 144 pcs.; Uponor Wired 24V dig. prog. thermostat T-38 - 572 pcs

The "Beržų Terasos" consists of 4 buildings, 141 apartment in total tailored to cater for different needs of people. The complex has 19 different types of apartments designed: one-to-five bedroom apartments, two-level apartments, exclusive penthouses. All apartments have glazed or open terraces.

During the project development, modern, efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions were prioritised, which allow to reach the higher standard of quality of life and healthier environment. It is the first project of the developer MG Valda with underfloor heating fitted as a standard. The solution was based on the main vision and findings of the survey of residents' expectations.

The Beržų terasos project received the award for the urban complex development at the Green City – Best RE Eco-Project competition.

The "Beržų Terasos" apartments are equipped with Uponor underfloor heating system with digital programmable wired thermostat T38. This equipment allows programming the system for special operation during working days, on weekends, during holidays. Comfort/economical regime programming, automatic balancing function are also installed. Thanks to all this, residents can create proper indoor microclimate, controlling energy costs at the same time.

It's not a secret that Uponor underfloor heating system was chosen in order to satisfy aesthetic demands of the residents without restricting architectural freedom. This choice allowed picture windows to be fitted.

The apartments in the capital city also have Uponor water supply system fitted.

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