Riverstone Residence, Riga

Riverstone Residence

Location of the building in the protection zone of historic center of Riga and nearby wooden houses has set a project concept. In Kipsala there will be a multi-storey residential complex, which consists of six buildings. The construction of first three-storey building with 10 apartments was started in 2015. The project represents contemporary, qualitative and comfortable two-, three-, four- and five-room apartments with area from 56,1m2 to 143,6m2 with the spacious terraces or balconies. 

Dati di progetto:

  • Riga, Lettonia
  • Palazzina residenziale
  • Completamento lavori: 2017

Contributo Uponor

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Short description

The architecture of Riverstone Residence presents Kipsala neighbouring building stylistics, special environment and referable circumstances. One of the features refers to construction height that must not exceed the height of three storeys, moreover, the third storey by its area should not be greater than two thirds of   the second storey. Hence, on the upper storey of the building the spacious terraces are located.  The architecture of two-level building depended on the relief of a certain site. The building is located on elevation, but its lower part required a support wall, which supports the main structure and save relief for descent to parking area that is located in the basement of the building.  The building is connected to the central water supply system of the city. Each apartment has cold and hot water meters. A special attention is paid to the quality of water supply and heating pipes. It is a crucial factor because after casting into the building structure their substitution in case of accident requires extremely serious repairs. Uponor PE-Xa pipes are used in heating and water supply systems.

Informazioni sul progetto

Ķipsalas iela 49, Riga, Latvia, LV1048


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Riverstone Residence

Anno di fine lavori

Tipo di progetto
nuova costruzione

Palazzina residenziale


Builder:YIT celtniecība SIA
Designer: Projektu birojs Grietēns un Kagainis SIA 
Uponor installer: D-Force 
Customer: YIT celtniecība SIA

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