Refurbishment of a prefabricated building, Zwickau

Slim solution for more comfort

During the renovation of a prefabricated building in Robinienweg, Zwickau, a low installation height was opposed to the desire for more energy efficiency and comfort through underfloor heating. The solution: a slimline combination of the Minitec underfloor heating system from Uponor and the N 440 levelling screed from Knauf.

Dati di progetto:

  • Zwickau, Germania
  • Palazzina residenziale
  • Completamento lavori: 2020

Contributo Uponor

  • Uponor Minitec underfloor heating
  • Uponor preassembled manifolds: Uponor Comfort Port

Slim solution for more comfort

Adding modern comfort to older buildings can be a challenge for planners and installers. Therefore, in order to supplement and improve the technical equipment of existing buildings in the course of a complete renovation, one must adapt to the conditions at the location. This was also the case in Robinienweg in Zwickau, where the Westsächsische Wohn- und Baugenossenschaft eG (WeWo) planned to renovate one of its properties, a prefabricated panel building from 1965, and equip the 31 flats on five floors with underfloor heating. The aim was to make the property fit for the future and to upgrade it in the long term. This was one of the reasons why underfloor heating was chosen: thanks to lower flow temperatures and more effective heat distribution, heating energy costs can be saved, additional costs reduced and living comfort increased.


Tailor-made and lean renovation solution


The main challenge in planning and installing the underfloor heating was the low construction height of the old prefabricated building of only five centimetres. Normally, however, screed layers plan a nominal screed thickness of around 45 millimetres above the heating pipe alone, depending on the load requirements. This was not possible in the Robinienweg - but the Uponor Minitec low profile underfloor heating is ideal for precisely such cases because it is very flat with an element height of only twelve millimetres. If required, the system can even be laid on existing screed or flooring. The Uponor Minitec Comfort Pipes are designed for decades of operation: The PE-Xa pipes, measuring 9.9 by 1.1 millimetres, are optimised for use in renovation projects with their small dimensions.


In Robinienweg, a ten-millimetre-thick WF wood fibre insulation board from Knauf forms the basis for the panel heating system. Together with the edging strip from Uponor, the board provides good impact sound insulation in the apartment building - compared to before, the impact sound could be improved by 20 decibels overall. To protect the insulation from moisture from the levelling compound and for perfect strength development, a boundary layer of synthetic coated kraft paper from Knauf lies on top of the wood fibre insulation board. The basis of the Uponor Minitec system are the pipe support elements, the so-called foil elements, which, thanks to their self-adhesive back, can be quickly and easily fixed to the floor and connected to each other via triangular studs. A 20-millimetre-thick layer of levelling screed N 440 from Knauf rounds off the construction in Robinienweg.


Fast construction progress with prefabricated distribution stations


On a total of 2,295 square metres of living space, the renovation system from Uponor now ensures a pleasant room temperature in Robinienweg. For a particularly fast construction progress, prefabricated Uponor Comfort Port manifolds were also used in the prefabricated building, which are delivered ready for connection directly to the construction site, so that they only had to be connected there. This saved around 2.5 hours of installation and set-up time per distribution station - quite a lot with a total of 31 Comfort Ports installed.




The combination of a low-build system and levelling screed proved to be the ideal solution for the low installation height in Robinienweg: Together, the impact sound insulation, underfloor heating and screed are only 42 millimetres high - a particularly slim construction, as Andreas Reischl, Managing Director of the Zwickau-based company Reischl Gebäude & Energietechnik GmbH, which was responsible for the installation of the underfloor heating, emphasises: "The conditions on site were special, but the overall solution from Uponor and Knauf convinced us in the execution."

Informazioni sul progetto

Robinienweg 8-16, 08060 Zwickau


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Robinienweg Zwickau

Anno di fine lavori

Tipo di progetto

Palazzina residenziale

Product Lines
Uponor Minitec


Building owner:
Westsächsische Wohn- und Baugenossenschaft eG, Zwickau

Ingenieurbüro Rothe, Zwickau

Reischl Gebäude & Energietechnik GmbH, Zwickau

Planning screed:
Knauf Gips KG, Iphofen